Small Groups

Small Groups have one, simple purpose: to help you see yourself the way God does.  We believe that God created us to live in relationship with other and in this environment we learn and grow.  VPC Small Groups run over four terms a year and there are three types of groups: interest groups, study groups and ministry groups.  If you want to get to know more people with common interests, join an interest group.  If your desire is to learn more about a specific topic, join a study group.  If we can help you find freedom in any area of life, you can join a ministry group.  Each term you select a group you want to be part of: either reforming your group, or joining a new group: it’s up to you.

Term 3 Small Groups registrations have begun! If you would like to run a small group for term 3 commencing from July 22, then use the below link to register for term 3. Don’t delay as Sign-Up Sunday’s are just around the corner and we want everyone to have the chance to join your group!

Term 3 of Small Groups will be commencing soon. Sign-Up today for a group in your area by heading to the Connect Station or Info Desk at your local campus.