AUGUST 18-19

” And she will be like a tree firmly planted by streams of water, which yields her fruit in its season; Her leaf does not wither; And in whatever she does she prospers and comes to maturity.”

Psalm 1:3 AMP

The Women’s Hub is a wonderful time where women from across our campuses come together to spend time in friendship and be inspired to live the life God has called them to as women.


This Hub is very practical and covers topics related to being a woman in business, raising children, understanding self-worth, fitness for females and the like. In addition, each year we engage with a social cause that our women can support. Established in a setting of worship and fun we spend discovering God’s design in us, and then going out to make a difference in our world.

2017 Keynote Speakers


Kirsten is a fourth generation leader in the church sphere, who is full of godly wisdom and grace. Together with her husband Phil, they lead Vantage Point Church which has grown to over 700 people and significant community impact. Kirsten is committed to teaching the truth of God’s grace in a relevant way. She is a mum of six kids, professional singer, brilliant musician and gracious supporter of women in general.

Kirsten Linden


Kerry has a heart for the gospel and a passion for those who are lost. Having worked in church life for over ten years, she is always innovating new ways to connect the gospel truth to the next generation, including missions work throughout Africa. Outside of the church sphere, she serves as a teacher for primary school aged children. Together with her husband Matt they have been on the team at VPC for four years. Kerry is the mum to two lively kids.

Kerry Hunt

2017 Elective Speakers


Birgitta Moloney

Fitness for Life

Birgitta Moloney is a Peak Pilates Comprehensive Trainer. She has been in the fitness industry for over 25 years and teaching Classical Pilates for 15 years. She is currently the owner of The Pilates Boutique, located in Keilor.


Lauren Thomas

The View from the Top

Lauren is a counsellor, teacher, trainer, & passionate advocate for children and young people. With 20 years experience working with children, young people, their families and the professionals that support them, she is passionate about helping people learn and develop in reaching their potential.


Michelle Salisbury

The Rollercoaster of Singleness & Dating

Michelle has been involved in church life and leadership from a young age. Having not married until her late thirties she has experienced the ups and downs of single life and the challenges of navigating the dating arena. Her heart is for women to know their value, regardless of their relationship status, and to trust God with their future.


Eleanor Howe

Controlling the Chaos

Eleanor has worked professionally in administration roles where her gift of organisation has been developed. She is no stranger to the busyness life can bring with a 4-year-old and a new set of twins. Eleanor is particularly passionate about not only seeing women ‘cope’ with the ups and downs of life, but to find the immense joy in the journey.


Elizabeth Betschel

Winning in the Second Half

Libby has been in ministry with her husband Henry for over 30 years. Together they pioneered VPC formerly Faithland Christian Church and travelled extensively.
Libby has a passion to see women’s issues addressed and for godly women to pass on their legacy. She instigated a mentoring process while women’s leader and is excited for the future in this season.


Jane Betschel

Workplace Wonder Women

Jane is Head of Product Marketing and Client Acquisition at MYOB Australia. Jane leads a team of 50 Sales and Marketing legends to acquire new customers to MYOBs innovative Online Accounting software, Point of Sales and Payments products. A key part of Jane’s success in all of her roles has been her inspirational leadership and cross company collaboration.

What You Need to Know

  • Location:

    320 Reynolds Road, Donvale

  • Date:

    August 18 :Doors from 6:45pm

    August 19: Doors from 8:45am

  • Cost:

    $90 per person


Register and pay before Monday July 24 and you can register for only $75. Hurry and secure your space now before time runs out.

Available Electives

  • Classical Pilates is a powerful movement system, that exudes energy, vigour and vitality. It engages the whole body, building and strengthening from the inside out. Over time, with consistent workouts, it sets a solid foundation for everyday living and also equips  for sports at all levels.

    Birgitta will be taking you through a basic Classical Pilates work out. Beginners to sporty types are all welcome! You will be able to take this class at your own pace. There will be added options for those who would like to challenge themselves a little further. When participating do your best, but listen to your body and do not push past your limits. Rest when you need to.


    Please bring an exercise mat or blanket/towel with you for comfort.

  • You may be saved, set free and empowered, but so many women are plagued by a picture of themselves that doesn’t line up with God’s truth.

    What is self-esteem? What shapes your view of you? What role does social and other forms of media play? Why does it even matter? These questions and more will be addressed in this workshop, so if you are wanting to engage in a further understanding of yourself and gain a ‘view from the top’, then this elective is for you!

  • In this elective, we will talk about living life in the single lane, online dating, good advice versus popular opinion, and “putting yourself out there”.  If you want to follow God’s leading and approach relationships with a healthy perspective then this elective is for you!

  • As life becomes increasingly busy, you might be struggling to find time for important goals that may have been buried in the myriad of a packed timetable! You will be encouraged in this elective to identify one of those goals that may have been lost amongst the chaos (such as fitness, date nights, housework etc.) and apply helpful strategies to get on top of them once again.

    This is a practical, ‘hands-on’ session you’ll be able to put into action immediately!

  • In this elective we will look at how it is possible to have a party with purpose and to leave a legacy with love! The second half can be fulfilling in ways you never expected

  • Jane is currently the Head of Product Marketing and Client Acquisition at MYOB Australia and has had many years experience.

    Jane will share her experience and advice on building a successful career.   This elective will share insights into what holds women back from being their best at work; practical tips on making the most of your gifts to build a successful career; and managing the demands of a career and personal life.   You should leave this session with the inspiration and practical next steps to make the most of your gifts.